Torrent problems

  Technoob 10:05 21 Dec 08

Im having a wierd problem with torrents, no matter what program I use, bittorrent, bitcomet, azeurus whenever I start any of these programs, my conection goes bad as in i cant surf the internet anymore but it shows that im connected, any idea onwhat it could be??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:19 21 Dec 08

Could be that your provider is throttling your connection if you have been downloading too much copyright material.


  Technoob 10:29 21 Dec 08

the thing is even if im not downloading anything, just run the program and it kills the connection

  gengiscant 10:53 21 Dec 08
  Technoob 23:48 21 Dec 08

I just checked and theres no limit on my downloads so its not the ISP provider putting any restrictions

  Terminus90 01:32 22 Dec 08

are you sure it's not a virus?

  Technoob 02:20 22 Dec 08

nah its not, unless my thile thing would be infected by now, like i turn it on, and slowly slowly IE stops connecting and eventually it dies. I have to sometimes restart or i just shut down the torrent application, restart the router and im back up running.

  brundle 03:32 22 Dec 08

Torrent programs open lots of simultaneous TCP connections, your browsing connection is also TCP and just gets swamped. Some routers work better than others in that regard but even if the router doesn't choke the number of the connections will still affect other network operations on your PC.

  Bazz2000 15:04 22 Dec 08

The best thing to do with torrents mate is to start what you want before you go to bed, then leave it on. Get up in the morning and usually its finished. Id never try and do anything on the net with torrent software running. :)

  Technoob 04:58 25 Dec 08

The thing is that, I didnt have these problems before, now all of a sudden, when i turn it on, i cant surf, its wierd, what can I do to resolve that other than not starting it while i surf?

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