Toothpaste /scratches!

  sallyr 04:06 05 Nov 03

Hi, has anyone heard of toothpaste being used to get rid of scratches on cds? Sal

  powerless 04:07 05 Nov 03

Not me.

  ODGE 04:57 05 Nov 03


  Forum Editor 06:51 05 Nov 03

at many computer stores. I wouldn't personally recommend toothpaste.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:09 05 Nov 03

Not being one to shirl from a challenge, the joys of here from the completely bonkers here


  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:13 05 Nov 03

click here

click here for CD and other uses. From personal experience toothpadte can be used to remove small scratches from cars, although T-Cut probably works out chaper in the long run.



  john-232317 07:27 05 Nov 03

Laughly site...;-)

  Kudu 07:51 05 Nov 03

Toothpaste because of the fine abrasive powder it contained was widely used years ago to remove minor scratches on surfaces such as on the glass of a watch.Vim was used on deeper scratches.

  mole44 08:03 05 Nov 03

do as i do and don`t abuse your cd`s they have a delicate surface,there like a window if there dirty the lazer will not find the information on them. once there scratched badly through neglect you have only yourself to blame,tough but true

  Stuartli 09:13 05 Nov 03

I presume you mean scratch removal fluid..:-)

  expertec 09:33 05 Nov 03

LOL ;-)

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