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  roy1234 26 Nov 11

i have a desk top and a laptop both using home premium 7 o/s.on my lap top i am unable to get a toolbar which will give me the options to --file edit view tools. i can also get the toolbar which states -- organize share etc. can anyone assist.

  Lazarus The 2nd 26 Nov 11

i am unable to get a toolbar which will give me the options to --file edit view tools

Press F10

  difarn 26 Nov 11


You don't say which browser you are using to access the internet. If it is Firefox click on the orange tab in the top left hand corner, go to Options (don't click on it but wait until it expands with another box to the right) - You will see a list of things which are ticked - make sure you have Menu bar ticked. There is another way if you don't want to see these permanently at the top - click on the blank space above the address bar - that is right at the top of the browser - and then press the "Alt" button (the one to the left of the space bar on your keyboard).

In Internet Explorer it may be nearly the same thing.

First, open your Internet Explorer browser. Click on the Tools menu, located in the upper right hand corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, select Menu Bar. You should now see the Menu Bar displayed in the toolbar section of your browser window.

If you also mean that the command bar is missing.

Right click on an empty space on the toolbar, and click on Command Bar to check it. OR

Click on View (Menu bar), Toolbars, and click on Command Bar to check it.

Hope this helps you.

  roy1234 26 Nov 11

thank you for your replies . i tried what you suggested but to no avail. the problem is not on a internet browser.[i am using internet explorer] the problem is if i get an ordinary program up such as public documents which has on it only 1 toolbar which has on it ----organize share with etc. on my old computer and my mates it has another tool bar above with----- file edit etc on it.i cannot getb the extra toolbar

  GroupFC 26 Nov 11

Try this:

Cklick on the "organise" drop down (the little arrow beside the word) and select "folder and serch options". On the "view" tab of the window that pops up, put a tick in "always show menus" . Clck on the "apply to folders" button and then click "yes" on the window that pops up. Finally click the "apply" button then "OK". You should see a new tool bar with File, Edit, View, Tools & Help on.

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