Too much junk mail

  hawthorn59 09:50 05 Apr 08

Well as I said in the title I get too much junk mail. I could have up to 20 emails a day--is this average, low, or high? I have 3 email addresses and use windows mail. On my old XP laptop I used Mailwasher and a least I could delete them before they got to my pc. Should i reinstall it on the new laptop?

Most are internet marketing related, so I might try "remove me" with them. Otheres are for the beloved viagra of course, so i dont reply to them.

I suppose changing my email addresses would give me temporary respite.... bucant really do that.


  rawprawn 09:54 05 Apr 08

Download the latest version click here and install it

  rawprawn 10:01 05 Apr 08

PS. I use 4 email addresses,One for Banking etc, one for Friends Only,one for giving to sites I trust and one that I give when I have to enter an email but don't really want to. I am prepared to delete the last email altogether should I need to.
I adopted this system after getting fed up of spam, introduced these new emails, and got rid of the old one. I very very rarely get any spam, but I stick to my rules.

  jack 10:34 05 Apr 08

As usual - if a little complex - 4 addys ---eeek!

I simply look at all mail on the server with the E-mail Client[Outlook/Thunderbird etc.,] switched off.
Read through and reespond to /or delete stuff on the server and fire up the E-mail only to download stuff I want.
The exit it once more.
Nothing gets in that is not wanted that way

  Ditch999 12:42 05 Apr 08

I agree with rawprawn and I myself have 2 new email addresses (now) One for Friends and Family and a throw away one for internet use. It doesn't guarantee no SPAM though as my niece thought it would be nice to enter me into a "FREE" competition to win an iPod using both my email addresses! I have just changed over those two email addresses for 2 new ones and yes it is awkward, annoying and there is always someone you forget to tell but I had just about had enough of the SPAM. At the minute I dont get ANY!

  jack 16:33 05 Apr 08

Try every which way to get you.
Yesterday I had a Mail from 'Nat West'
Asking the usual
As it is well known banks don't send E-mails and added to which I am not a NatWest customer I thought OK instead of simply deleting as I normally do I'd have a poke.
My name address to my correct address was on list of about thirty other ISP's all of the regular and more even of those I had never heard of.
For the exercise I sent the link to Nat West security- and got the standard response back

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