Tonights Latest Windows Sec.Updates

  Happy1 21:56 09 Jul 03

Has anybody put the latest updates (2 of them) on their Puters yet. I have delayed installing until I check to see if OK. Have lost internet connection twice with previous updates. so am being a bit cautious. San

  VoG II 21:58 09 Jul 03

What version of Windows (I think I'm going to program a key to type that) and what update numbers?

  Happy1 22:02 09 Jul 03

XP Pro. Sorry didnt log numbers. A bit hot and bothered today. Having a senior moment. But thought their wouldnt be more than the two updates in one day anyway.

  TimCDC 22:17 09 Jul 03

I've downloaded them this evening, and they're now running. Nothing seems to have changed! Let's hope it stays that way. I'll let you know if I notice anything. Tim

  Happy1 23:05 09 Jul 03

Thanks Tim. I was feeling like a naughty schoolgirl there with VoG. San

I have just had another reminder, delayed again for tonight. Noted the numbers this time. 823559 for Windows. and 817606 for XP.

  billyliv 00:56 10 Jul 03

Hi, Do what I do. Have a look at them ,then ignore them. They are more trouble than what they are worth. Ask yourself, Is my machine working the way I like it to work?. Then why go to all the bother of messing it up? Who in there right mind would want to go to all the bother of looking into my machine where all they would find is postings to this forum and loads of photos of family. My CD collection is another thing, but if they want to steal that at least they can only copy it. Cheers, Bill

  Happy1 07:53 10 Jul 03

Thanks Bill. San

  TimCDC 19:47 10 Jul 03

I hope I'm not tempting fate, when I say that I've logged on and off several times in the last 24 hours, and all is working fine. But I do take Billyliv's point - maybe next time I'll be a bit more cautious about downloading them...

  Gaz 25 20:34 10 Jul 03

I posted about these two updates a before, have a look for it.

  Gaz 25 20:35 10 Jul 03

click here

See last post on there.

  Happy1 21:28 10 Jul 03

I actually posted on the 9th yesterday. You started a thread while mine was still running. Have seen your post, looks like probs can be had with Q823559 think will wait a bit longer before installing. San

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