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  ianeon 12 May 11

I have tried to run "TomTom Home" on my computer - Windows 7 Home Premium.

It installs OK - but when I try to run it - I get the error "HOME runtime.exe failed with error 0"

I have tried various solutions, from other forums, to solve this problem, but none of them work.

Does anyone here have a good solution to this common problem /

Thank you for your time - Ian

  Woolwell 12 May 11

Try a complete uninstall using something like Revo Free Version Revo Free version, remove all traces and re-install.

  ianeon 12 May 11

Woolwell - Thank you for that thought - but I have already done this at least three times.

  Woolwell 12 May 11

Did you find this Runtime error especially the bit about regedit?

  ianeon 12 May 11

Woolwell - again thank you for your interest in my problem - yes I have done the regedit bit - I also used a programme called " Professional" to clean my computer.

       I even installed an earlier copy of Home to see if that would make a difference - lol
  Woolwell 12 May 11

In which case I can only suggest that you get in touch with TomTom. I have found them helpful before.

  woodchip 12 May 11

Have you tried running it in XP Compatibility Mode?

  ianeon 12 May 11

Woodchip - yes I did. Woolwell - I did as you suggested and I got referred to their FAQ/forums. The crumb of comfort is that I am not the only person with this problem. Apparently the last version has a few problems.

Both of you - "thank you for your interest in my problem."

  TonyV 12 May 11


I have TomTom Home version and it is working fine on Win 7 Home Premium. May be if you check with TomTom they will point you in the right direction. They are available via e mail. Try their website. Equally so, can you try and install an earlier version like mine and see if it works OK for you. [link text][1]



[1]: Runtime help

  TonyV 12 May 11

Don't know what happened to the link, but you can copy and past the link shown at the bottom of my missive by editing out the last 4 words!


  ianeon 14 May 11

TonyV - thank you for that.

I'm now in contact with someone called "Ruth" at TomTom - she is trying to help me solve this problem.


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