Tiscali webmail [SUSPIOUSE MESSAGE] Health Lottery

  Ex plorer 08 Jan 13

After getting an email reminder that my 8 weeks health lottery was up I clicked the link signed in using my password.

I completed another 8 week quick pick and paid in the usual way for a further 8 weeks.

(I checked the date and it coincided with the last of my 8 weeks).

When I had confirmation from the health lottery, the titles were [SUSPICIOUS MESSAGE] Your Health Lottery ticket details.

and [SUSPICIOUS MESSAGE] the Health Lottery - account credit confirmation.

Money has been paid to the health lottery and all looks correct.

Anyone else seen this with confirmation of the health lottery, although I have kept an eye on my banking over the past week all seems in order.

Ran full checks on the laptop and its clear.

Tiscali Web-mail.

  bjh. 08 Jan 13

The [SUSPISIOUS MESSAGE] part of the header is usually inserted by SEcurity software on your machine when it suspects a message isn't all it could be.

In this case, I'd suspect the word "Lottery" is enough to trigger it.

What is the security software you have, that you "ran full checks" with?

I don't think there's (excessive) cause for concern or nightmares.

  Forum Editor 08 Jan 13

Transferred to Tech Helproom from Speakers Corner.

  Ex plorer 08 Jan 13

Hi Microsoft security essentials I ran a full scan, and it found nothing.

Windows Defender found nothing.

Trusterr was clear on Monday morning.

Malware bytes, found Pup Funmoods although the toolbar is not switched on in IE, cleaned that up and that was it.

I use FF all the time but IE is a back up for me.

OS Vista.

  bjh. 08 Jan 13

I'm sure it's just a comment added in by security software on your computer, and no cause for alarm. Mind you, a sensible level of caution is always wise.


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