Tiscali Situation

  thumbscrew 20:51 18 Mar 09

I understand that Tiscali are experiencing "Excessive losses". I've just read that an uninterrupted service to UK users can't be guaranteed. Anybody know anything about its prospects.

  MAT ALAN 21:12 18 Mar 09
  MAJ 21:12 18 Mar 09

Tiscali's service has been going downhill for the past couple of years. Their forum admins have had their heads in the sand for about the same length of time. There's a thread about Tiscali in the Consumerwatch forum. click here

  thumbscrew 21:25 18 Mar 09

Thanks both, I've spent the past five years changing ISPs and it can be a mighty hassle. I'd rather not once again, I've too many things to do just getting through the day. Anyone think it'll resolve itself if we wait it out?

  MAT ALAN 21:28 18 Mar 09

Honestly!!! NO...

  MAJ 21:34 18 Mar 09

But even if they did sort things out, I still wouldn't choose them as an ISP, they're hopeless in my opinion. There should be no problem changing ISP, it's a fairly painless operation, just ask Tiscali (if they are your ISP) for a MAC number and sign up with another ISP using that MAC number. In my experience Tiscali are well geared up to allocate MAC numbers and they supply one in less than a few hours usually. Try an ISP like O2.

  thumbscrew 21:39 18 Mar 09

Thanks Maj...painless??? Not with this guy! And anyway, they all want to sell you phone packages etc now, they're not interested if you just want a broadband connection. Also, what if you sign up with someone else and then the same thing happens to them?? Nowadays, nobody, no company is safe!!

  interzone55 21:43 18 Mar 09

Do as MAJ says, try O2, they've won loads of awards, and are quite inexpensive

I've recently join and get a good sold connection (up to 8mbs, but I get an acceptable 3.6mbs), with true unlimited downloads for £12.23 a month.

If you have an O2 mobile that drops to £7odd a month.

They've not spammed me about joining their phone or mobile service since joining.

  MAJ 21:47 18 Mar 09

I just installed an O2 BB only connection for a lady a few months ago, it costs her £7.34 a month for an up to 8Mbit connection (she has an O2 PAYG mobile phone), it's £12 something if you don't have an account with them. She gets a connection speed of around 5 to 6 Mbits usually, and no other problems so far.

"Also, what if you sign up with someone else and then the same thing happens to them??"

You could also get knocked down by a bus tomorrow, thumbscrew, but I don't think that's going to stop you going out, is it?

  MAT ALAN 21:58 18 Mar 09

O2 B/B get superb ratings i have been useing O2 as a mobile phone provider for some time and if i was not with SKY for B/B they would be my choice...

  First Bass 22:00 18 Mar 09

Tiscali? Pffft. Their Customer Service is appalling. I asked 3 times for a replacement modem and they couldn't organise themselves to ship one out to me. Their part of my local exchange was down for about a month, and when I got fed up and changed my line rental (only) back to BT, their computer closed my account down completely without any prior warning! To add insult to these injuries, they tried to charge me for line rental 2 months after I switched ISP. Getting through to Customer support takes forever (you have to suffer some stupid jingle as well as navigate half a dozen options). Their customer support correspondence office is staffed by what I can only describe as the totally illiterate.

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