Tiscali, dial up, poor connection speeds.

  Sapins 08:41 10 Jun 05

Just had our monthly meeting of our small computer "club" yesterday. One of our members has a problem with his Tiscali (France) dial up connection. He usually only gets a connection of about 14kbps, which obviously is far too slow. France Telecom have checked the line and say it is OK.

When Tiscali confirmed his set up there were 3 different ways to put in his user

[email protected], which is to access his mail box at Tiscali.

c.bloggs%tiscli.fr which is to configure 'messagerie' on programs such as New Messenger, O/Express.

[email protected] which is necessary for manual configuration, with a message which translates: 'access network at distance on PC window PPP or remote access on Mac'.

Would it be better if he deleted the second 2 and just used the first one as he only uses this one for his mail? or does it not matter?

Also, when I checked his modem settings the region/country was set for the USA, I have changed it to France, and when I did we got a 57kbps connection 4 times out of 5, late last night he got one connection of 115kbps, this morning it is back to the very low figures again.

He has XP Home, I didn't get the spec of the machine, but I can if it will help.

Is there anything else we can check/change?, any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Lastly, another member found the region/country setting was for the UK, he changed it to France and swears it loads pages faster! so, does it matter what this is set to?

  Stuartli 09:12 10 Jun 05

The 115kbps figure is most likely to be the DTE rather than the DUN speed - entering W2 in the modem's Properties Extra Settings box will correct it.

You can find plenty of help on modems and all things related at:

click here

which apply in general to modems in most countries.

I suspect that a better driver could be found - try the manufacturer's website or one of the websites providing drivers such as:

click here

Username is drivers2 and password all

  Sapins 09:51 10 Jun 05

Thanks for the links, I have passed them on.

  Sapins 10:06 10 Jun 05

Forgot to mention, I presumed the user name and password are to access the site without registering?

I can't do this!

  dan11 10:12 10 Jun 05

Use the old one. user name "drivers", password "all". It will ask if you want to create a new account, pick I don't want to.

Is it a v.92 modem, it may be worth trying the v.90 drivers

  Sapins 10:31 10 Jun 05

That worked OK, thanks.

I'll have to check the modem model.

  Stuartli 13:21 10 Jun 05

I presume the change to "drivers2" (the only difference) was because so many people were not registering...:-)

But it is an excellent drivers site.

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