Tiscali Customers Querie,

  Jimmy14 13:43 28 Oct 06

I am on Tiscali's 2Mb Unlimited Service and after numerous speed tests on adslguide.org I have been getting very good results. I don't know if it because my line is waiting to be upgraded to their 8Mb service but I do know I'm still supposed to be on 2Mb Broadband. To other Tiscali customers on 2Mb what results do you get when running the speed test from click here situated on the lef handside under ADSL Guide. Have a look and if anyone could think of an explination because I'm puzzled myself.

click here


  spuds 14:07 28 Oct 06

5.2 for a 2MB service, appears as though you have been upgraded already.

I use the Tiscali 2MB package, and yesterday I was only getting 1.3MB.Seems to be an up and down situation lately. If and when Tiscali upgrade my service (on waiting list), click here states that the local exchange can only offer me 5.2MB maximum at the present time.

  Stuartli 16:26 28 Oct 06

It would appear that you are able to receive the "up to 6.5MB" standard (depends on how far you are from your exchange).

Don't worry too much about it - just enjoy the speed boost...:-)

  aine 18:04 28 Oct 06

just done a speed test with adsl, tiscali for me shows 1.6 download, upload 2.3 your doing very well keep praying they dont notice

  rawprawn 18:44 28 Oct 06

I am on the 8mb service and using their test
click here I am getting anywhere beween 3.8 and 7.2mb at this minute. The variations during any one day are enormous depending on how busy they are.

  Pineman100 18:52 28 Oct 06

I recently upgraded from Tiscali 1 MB to Tiscali 2 MB. I just ran the test, and I'm getting 1.85 MB downstream, 250 KB upstream. I reckon that's about right, isn't it?

  spuds 20:10 28 Oct 06

Pineman100-- That's not bad. On occasions, I can get upto 1.92MB of a 2MB package, which is about 96% efficiency.

  Stuartli 20:30 28 Oct 06

That's OK for a 2MB connection. I get 1.8 to 1.9MB and 240-242KB upstream consistently with TalkTalk.

  Jimmy14 20:49 28 Oct 06

thanks for everyones comments.
are you happy with TalkTalk and am I right in saying you used to be with Tiscali and if you don't mind telling me why you moved away?


  Jimmy14 11:41 29 Oct 06


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