Tiscali Broadband Sagem Modem

  WNS Ltd 12:34 22 Feb 04

Hi guys i was wondering if you could help me. I am using Tisclai Broadband and it comes with a Sagem modem. However everytime i tried to connect to the net it comes up with Error 619: A connection to the remote computer could bot be established, so the port used for this connection was closed.
I keep pressing the "Retry" button but the same message occurs. The only way i seem to get around this problem is by disconnecting it and putting the cable back in. However, it gets a pain doing that all the time. Does anybody have any suggestion as to what the problem may be. Maybe its a configuraton setting or something...I haven't the foggiest. Cheers WNS

  JerryJay 12:43 22 Feb 04

Maybe just bad (or loose) connection.

  antoni34 13:20 22 Feb 04

I an running XP Pro and have the same modem.
Been using it 4 last 9 months with no problems at all

  WNS Ltd 13:59 22 Feb 04

antoni34 - i too am using XP Pro

  daba 17:48 22 Feb 04

This sounds like a problem from your modem to your exchange, i.e. the telephone line, not a problem with your PC

It may have slipped through the net, so give old BT a buzz and ask if the line really has been enabled for ADSL (broadband). I think they need to patch you into more modern equipment at the exchange when you sign-up to get a reliable connection.

  daba 17:48 22 Feb 04

PS. I too have the Sagem modem and 98SE, and have had no problems at all.

  Jim Suter 17:56 22 Feb 04

Might be a duff modem. I set my parents up with Tiscali lat weekend. They are using the Sagem modem and XP pro. No probs. Try contacting Tiscali support.

  struggle8 18:44 22 Feb 04

how long is your cable I hadtwo joind probs occured used 1 no problems

  struggle8 18:46 22 Feb 04

hey my connection says 589.9kbps is that right as I only pay for 265kbps.??

  struggle8 18:47 22 Feb 04

are the drivers for the segam 800 on tiscali sight worth downoading and installing.will they change youe connection

  WNS Ltd 19:37 22 Feb 04

I've downloaded the new driver of the Tiscali website and so far so good. So hopefully that does the trick.

Struggle8 - i pay for 512 connection however on the status of the modem it says Speed 2.3Mbps what does that mean? Is that the actual speed or the speed in which it is travelling down the cable?

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