Tiscali Broadband problems

  dave_the_red 20:46 01 Jun 05

I have recently been upgrade to a 2mb adsl connection from 512k with Tiscali.

Since this I have had nothing but problems with playing online games etc, so did a speed test on adsl guide. My speed is far lower than it was before the upgrade, I am now getting 80k download speeds.

I was wondering whether it was something using my connection like spyware or a virus but have done all the usual checks with spybot, adaware and norton antivirus and they show nothing.

Was hoping to maybe find some kind of an answer on here before I take it to tiscali.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  Carpigiani 20:49 01 Jun 05

My Force 9 account was recently upgraded to 2mb.

I had to update the drivers for my ADSL Modem to increase my connection speed.

  Graham ® 20:51 01 Jun 05

Re-boot the modem?

  masterchief117 20:53 01 Jun 05

have u rang bt to find out if there are any virus/numbers that shouldnt be on ur line. they can do that check as i had a problem similer and thats what they did with my line

  masterchief117 20:58 01 Jun 05

also could be ur gain needs uping, thats bt as well, just ring and ask for the gain to be increased. Also what modem r u using, is it the 1 tiscali sent u

  Jackcoms 21:01 01 Jun 05

At what time of the day did you do your speed checks on ADSL Guide?

You'll generally find that the fastest speeds are in the morning (and by morning I mean around 7am not 11:58am) and the slowest in the evening (after 6pm when people are home from work and beavering away on the web).

Obviously, also, your local contention ratios and distance from the BT exchange will have an effect.

I recently upgraded with Tiscali from 512mb to 1Mb to 2Mb.

My 2Mb connection now averages (across the day)downstream speeds of 1,899 Kbps.

I suggest you compare your speeds across the day before approaching Tiscali. Also, if you are using the Sagem Fast modem (which I am), there will be no need to update the drivers.

  dave_the_red 21:02 01 Jun 05

Yes I am using the modem that I got free from Tiscali, it is a sagem fast 800-840 usb jobbie.

Will check if there any updated drivers for it but have had no joy looking for them up to now and will also speak to bt to ask about the gain on my line.

Thanks for the suggestions and will let you all know how things go.

Any other suggestions welcome.

Thanks again

  dave_the_red 21:04 01 Jun 05

Jackcoms it was at about 8.30pm that i did the speed check but is that speed still not ridiculously low for a 2mb connection even at that time?

The thing is my speeds were great at that time of night before the upgrade.

  Stuartli 21:56 01 Jun 05

Increasing the gain is unlikely to make any difference.

You can download the latest Sagem 800/840 drivers from:

click here

Disconnect the modem's USB cable, run the install sequence and choose to delete original drivers from setup.exe; when this is completed run setup.exe again to install latest drivers.

Reboot, connect USB cable again and let Windows reinstall the modem. Allow about half-a-minute for the modem to initialise and you should be away.

  Graham ® 22:09 01 Jun 05

May I emphasize again - increasing the gain has no relevance to broadband. It is on the analogue part only!

  dave_the_red 22:31 01 Jun 05

Thanks Stuart but the link doesnt seem to work, I will try to find the drivers again.

Thanks for the advice

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