Tiscali Broadband - is it a good deal?

  JACC 21:26 14 Oct 03

Has anyone seen the ads for Tiscali Broadband in the papers? I would like to know what the wise think of these deals.
up to 150kbps,free modem,£25 setup fee,£15.99pm
up to 256kbps,free modem,£50 setup fee,£19.99pm
up to 512kbps,free modem,free setup ,£26.99pm
ahs anyone been with Tiscali and any probs with them .Do you think that up to 3X faster is worth the moola,seeing as how Freeserve charge £14.99pm for the old slow-wires (which i'm on)i would like to know your opinion .

  jimv7 21:29 14 Oct 03

Try click here £18.99 per month for full bb.

  clayton 21:33 14 Oct 03

pipex 512 £23.44 per month, setup £17.57 free modem click here

  MAJ 21:35 14 Oct 03

I'm on Tiscali 256 at £20/month, JACC, I'm getting download speeds of 32KB/s, that's 8 times faster than the speed I was getting on dialup, for someone like me who has been using a dialup connection for the past three years, it's like lightning. No problems connection wise, so far (about two weeks).

  JACC 22:34 14 Oct 03

Thank you guys, jimv7 , i see that Force 9 does not support p2p software which is a shame .I was wondering if you use it and how you got on with it , any hassles and so on .I use p2p so i don't know if it will be of much good to me, apart from the price of course which is tres good .

  spuds 23:40 14 Oct 03

Appears as though there is a debate going on in respect of the new Tiscali 3xFaster Broadband system.According to some sources, it is the adsl service, which they say is not true broadband, hence the £25.00 connection fee.There are still conditions regarding the monthly 'hourly' quota on this service, were as the 'true' more expensive broadband as no on-line time limits[so far]. Considering that you get a 3xfaster service than Anytime dial-up for an extra £1.00, then it looks good value, but do not forget, this is a special offer promotion.

  accord 07:17 15 Oct 03

NTL have been doing the same speed 150kbps for ages and there was a debate whether it was true broadband.

  anchor 08:06 15 Oct 03

Personally I would not consider 150Kbs broadband. Go for the full 512Mbs.

Go for Pipex as clayton said; very good offer at the present. Read this thread also:

click here

  jimv7 08:41 15 Oct 03

JACC, I have had no problems with f9 since I joined in feb this year, always a good download speed in the top fifties and sometimes even more.

A friend has been with them since they first started and thats a few years ago.

  Infamous 08:48 15 Oct 03

ive been with eclipse for over 1 yr now with no problems. They are the fastest adsl and always winning awards for fastest service.

click here

click here

its £22.99 a month well worth it

  jimv7 08:49 15 Oct 03

Oh, and both mine and my daughters computer share the bb connection via a 4 port adsl router,
had some trouble setting it up but with a call to f9 tech line (which was answered quickly) sorted the router out.

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