Tiscali Broadband

  JACC 19:22 16 Jan 04

I'm looking to go done the broadband road and i was wondering about a deal from Tiscali . It provides up to 5x faster downloads at £19.99 a month with free modem and free connection .There is a fee of about £25 to start it of . I was wondering what the wise out there thought of this deal and is there anything better and do you know if this service supports p2p?

  spike22 19:43 16 Jan 04

hi - have just signed up for Tiscali broadband
3x speed service @ £14.99 per month with no set up fee and free modem. Am happy although would not describe myself as wise as learning hi-tech !
click here seems to provide a good comparison.
Hope this helps.


I have just signed up for the 5X deal. One snag though it seems to be running at 10X speed, what a shame! Perhaps I ought to complain?

  JACC 14:59 17 Jan 04

what a jammie get you are mikelefly , but it's nice to hear of someone scoring for change , you might just have made my mind up for me ...well done .

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