Tiscali BBSpeed

  Press Man 19:23 05 Nov 05

Hi Guys,
I see that there is a lot of discussion regarding "speed" with Tiscali. I have just done six consecutive speed tests using
click here
The average of the six tests is 677Kbps or 82.95 Kbytes/sec, the fastest being 737.7Kbps or 90.4Kbytes/sec. I subscribe for a 2MB connection, are these speeds to be expected or should they be higher?
XP SP2 home, Lynksys router, AMD 2.2Mhz.
Thanks in advance.

  Chegs ® 19:48 05 Nov 05

They should be higher,I'm presently awaiting Tiscali's contacting me to try and resolve my lousy speeds,if its not sorted I'm requesting my MAC and off to pastures new. :-(

  Chegs ® 19:50 05 Nov 05

PS: Here's Tiscali's own test click here

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 20:00 05 Nov 05

I too currently have this problem like many other people I am on 1mb umlimited and since there service update on the 1.11.2005 I cannot get no more than 700mbps this is discuting to let a company charge someone money for a service they cannot supply I think its about time tiscali subscibbers moved on there`s alot better out there.

  Stuartli 20:34 05 Nov 05

I think you mean 700Kbps...:-)

  countryboy 21:01 05 Nov 05

SurfMonkey _#:@}, I think you mean up to 1mb unlimited, in my discussions with Tiscali customer services they consider that better than 600 Kbps meets the requirement of up to 1Mps

  Press Man 21:08 05 Nov 05

Can anybody tell me what speed you should reasonably expect to get with a 2MB connection?
Dependant on the answer, I shall be contacting Tiscali to get them to improve it or I will think about changing to another provider.

  Press Man 21:14 05 Nov 05

P.S. to previous post.

Maybe PCA and their freinds in the "world of computing" could question/investigate Tiscali its operation and service to its customers, many of which appear to be unhappy?

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 21:16 05 Nov 05

well lets see now hmm if you pay for something in the shops say a kettle and the kettle is priced at say 17.99, you get a kettle for £17.99 I woud exspect if I was paying for 2mb commection to get a 2mb connection mind you tiscali have been doing something to do with bb speed since the 1 november 2005 I was on a 1mb connection and getting over 1.9mb but since there upgrade I cannot get above 700mb.let us know what tiscali has to say no doubt it will be BULL [email protected]

  Chegs ® 21:23 05 Nov 05

Your current bandwidth reading is:


which means you can download at 150+ KB/sec. from our servers.

Approx figures.If the 2Mb connection is less than these(excepting busy internet)then you should be asking them to check it out.My speed issues were tweaked via India call centre,and I was happy to see 1.5-1.8Mbs on Tiscali test,but 1.5 hours later,it was back to sub 1Mbs.

  SurfMonkey _#:@} 22:16 05 Nov 05

god you lot r so fussy yes I did mean 700kbps. but my problem is that before the 1 november 2005 I was getting over 1.5mbps for over 8 months then told by tiscali that my line does not support over a 1mb connection well its strange that for over 8 months I get 1.5mbps then all in one day my connection is less than 700kbps some days im lucky to get 172kbps 700kbps is on a good day which is not very often. so what do I pay for I might as well go back to a 512 connection as it would produce a better BB speed

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