Tiscali BB

  Carol Sco 23:37 17 Nov 05

I will try and keep this short.......... Pen 4 running Xp home (service pack2) clean install today and all updates done using broadband no problem. Install the software for Tiscali BB using a Sagem modem on USB and the machine connects saying that it's running at 2.4 but no web pages will open and I can't download any mail using OE.
Error given is a DNS error and the connection drops in outlook no socket error.
This is driving me mental! I can't think on anything that I have not checked.Phoned BT they said the line is fine. Phone the tech support and they are saying it's an error with my software to take my machine back to the vendor. I attempted to explain the problem further to them but with little sucess.
Any ideas? Really need some help with this one.

  Stuartli 23:49 17 Nov 05

Did you do the downloads using Tiscali BB?

  Carol Sco 23:53 17 Nov 05

No brought the machine to my place and downloaded them using my Bb connection (ntl cable). Browsed the web and basically just used the machine so to the best of my knowledge the machine is fine.
Tiscali tech support say it's a software problem but other than windows and their adsl software there is noting on the machine.

  cycoze 09:12 18 Nov 05

So you have no AntiVirus or Firewall ? only asking to eliminate possibilities, a Firewall may have needed configuring.

  Carol Sco 10:17 18 Nov 05

Cycoze nothing else installed other than the operating system and the software/drivers for the modem.

  Jackcoms 11:32 18 Nov 05

Did you install the modem drivers before connecting it to the PC? This is the usual way.

If not, try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Have you set up OE for your e-mail account/s as advised by Tiscali? click here

  Carol Sco 12:21 18 Nov 05

Installed all the drivers then added the modem when the cd instructed me to. That did not work so un-installed that and set up a fresh connection manually and neither of them worked.Tiscali tech helpline run through all the settings and told me they were fine, the guy insists the modem is working because the pop-up comes up and tells me it's connected but there are very few packets received back when you go into network connections......kind of like one way traffic. I can't try a different modem because I don't have one is there any way of testing the modem? I have tested the pc on broadband using ethernet connection at my house, even logged into the tiscali web mail and accounts site using it so the password is correct for the account.

  Skyver 12:28 18 Nov 05

Do you have any other devices attached via USB?
Do you get any lost packets if you type `ping bbc.co.uk` at a command prompt (Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories) while connected, even when you can't get a webpage up or download email?

  Carol Sco 12:36 18 Nov 05

No packets lost in the ping test......printer and keyboard are USB but only the keyboard is connected at the momnet, nothing else is powered by the machine via the USB' slots.
Thanks for answering!

  Skyver 12:39 18 Nov 05

That affirms that your connection is fine and the modem's working properly - how is it working at the moment when you load a browser? No pages at all, or slow loading?

  Carol Sco 13:01 18 Nov 05

The machine will not load any page just get a DNS error.

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