redrumXL 22:40 24 Feb 04

hi i just got tiscali b/band and at the beginning it was ok but the past week m ypings on my games through the night are through the roof.
i was wonderin if sum 1 could help me out or tell me if they are having probs with tiscali.
cheers tom

  Totally-braindead 22:44 24 Feb 04

What is ypings?

  redrumXL 22:54 24 Feb 04

wot i meant was my ping.
your ping is meant to be round the 30-40-50 zone but mine has been in the 170 area.

  spuds 23:15 24 Feb 04

If you look at the message tape that Tiscali issue every day,all day,you will notice that they are doing essential maintenance work [again] on their service.I have noticed a slow down of service for the past couple of days.

  redrumXL 00:32 25 Feb 04

ok cheers m8, do you have n e idea wen they will be finished. lol

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