Tips please for best HP cartridge prices.....

  nick_j007 14:23 26 Sep 03

Hello all, it's time for new cartridges for my HP psc 2110 all in one jobbie.
I've been looking here:
click here
Both No.57 & 58 at the bottom of the page seem competitive, but I would hate to think that some one would say "Oh, those are much cheaper if you go here....!"
So, any pointers would be most welcome.
Thank you,

Nick Jones

  pj123 14:35 26 Sep 03

Two more to try are click here and click here

  nick_j007 14:49 26 Sep 03

You've saved me a tenner at least!

Tonezone seem to be the way to go at a good price.

Much appreciated.


  TBH1 15:17 26 Sep 03

I get my HP carts from choicestationery - - - no problems here. A mate of mine got an Epson one from there, it didn't work but was sent a replacement within 24 hours - - - now to me, that good customer care counts a lot.

  The Paul 15:28 26 Sep 03

I havent tried the others above myself - I use click here muself and find them great for cost. Takes a few days longer to receive them but based on local available stuff, worth the wait.

  plankton 15:32 26 Sep 03

Was that me TBH1?

I also got some HP carts for me wife's printer..

  TBH1 15:35 26 Sep 03

plankton you old scrote - - -what you doin here???Thought you was on 'active service' today ?

  plankton 15:40 26 Sep 03

Nah, slummin wiv da troops....!;o)

  Cesar 10:02 27 Sep 03

Click Here

  Cesar 10:04 27 Sep 03

Sorry!click here

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