Tip for users of inkjet printers

  oldal 18:17 04 Jun 04

When replacing ink cartridges on my (Epson) printer I frequently had to run the head-clean routine several times before the nozzle-check ran cleanly. On occasion I had to wait several hours before the nozzle clean/check was satisfactory.

Solved problem by storing new cartridges the right way up (ie as installed on machine) overnight before installing.

They now perform perfectly first time. The ink obviously settles in the bottom of the cartridge and feeds into printer without any air-locks.

  end 18:20 04 Jun 04

but dont you run a programe of alignment etc after putting in replacement cartriges, to ensure things ARE OK???? I do that each time I replace one ........and print a test page........

  SANTOS7 18:21 04 Jun 04

thanks for that:)

  rawprawn 18:26 04 Jun 04

Thanks for the tip.

  oldal 18:28 04 Jun 04

I think maybe you missed the point. The test (nozzle check) failed, until the ink was feeding correctly.

  Pesala 19:08 04 Jun 04

Store tomato ketchup and honey upside down to use every last drop. Store paint tins upside down to prevent the skin that forms on the top.

A useful tip. Obvious if you think about it, but who can honestly say that they did?

  Fordy 19:30 04 Jun 04

Doesn't storing half empty paint tins upside down mean that the skin forms half way down (as there is air trapped inside) and creates even worse problems?

  MIke 19:43 04 Jun 04

Yes Fordy it makes the tins top heavy. And more liable to topple over, as I found to my cost. I just give em a good shake to get an airtight seal.

  jack 19:48 04 Jun 04

Save Ink Save ink Save ink

Slowly slowly catchee monkey

Insert the new carts then close down and go to bed or do something else until tomorrow - by then gravity will have sorted the ink problem.

  woodchip 19:48 04 Jun 04

Yes but when you open it, it's still a full tin

  Fordy 22:39 04 Jun 04

But the moment you tried to stir or use it the skin would give way and as I said you would then be worse off

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