TIP: Batch File starting xx IE's and dif. pages

  powerless 19:45 31 May 04

You can create a batch file so when double clicked, it will open xx Internet Explorer's with the page loading being a different page within each IE.

So instead of having your Homepage load you can have any page but you can also have other Internet Explorer's load seperate pages at the sametime. Useful if you have many favourite websites that you always seem to visit ;-))

The following will open three Internet Explorer's at the sametime and will load the webpages.

Open Notepad.

Copy and paste [exactly] the following into the notepad:

START "" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" click here

START "" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" click here

START "" "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" click here



Now because of the way this forum handles no spaces between lines you will have to remove the spaces between the above lines.

You should have it starting with: START and ending with the website you want to load all on the same line.

Just remove the spaces between CLS and EXIT.

[START and the beginning and EXIT at the end]

Then go to File, Save As, choose the file name BUT you must include .bat with the file name.

For example: IE123.bat

Save the file and this should make another file appear. If you double click this file [the batch file] it will open the seperate Internet Explorer's loading your websites.

Don't try and have to many IE's opening.

Works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

You can also create a shortcut to the batch file and give the shortcut it's own Icon ;-))

If you use Firefox you'll know where I'm coming from.

  powerless 19:46 31 May 04

Obviously don't put a CLICK HERE put the website you want to load.

  spikeychris 19:50 31 May 04

Works like a dream matey :)

  powerless 23:28 31 May 04

IT sure does.

  VoG II 23:42 31 May 04

I do use Firefox and I think you are coming from Manchesterford. Right?

  powerless 00:17 01 Jun 04


  Pesala 07:29 01 Jun 04

Save all your open windows as a session to return to the same work space any time you want.

For example, I have a session saved for the Buddhist forums I regularly visit. Loading the session will open four pages in a separate copy of Opera. After checking the forums and closing each one in turn, I close that Opera Window, and revert to my default Opera setup. Everything is remembered in a session: size and position of windows, history of cached pages visited on that website, toolbars you had on screen etc.

I tried opening multiple copies of Internet Explorer on my PC (352 Mbytes RAM). Thirteen copies before the memory maxed out click here

Opera will load fifty pages before it begins to slow down. Internet Explorer is a dinasaur.

  powerless 07:33 01 Jun 04

lol 13.

  Pesala 08:15 01 Jun 04

I posted it on the Opera forum, but no one got the joke. click here Somebody else was playing about, just trying to see how many windows they could open: click here

  Pesala 08:19 01 Jun 04

You can do a similar thing with different shortcuts to Opera too. By assigning nicknames to bookmarks you can shorten the command line. e.g.

ntb = New to Buddhism forum

tbf = Theravada Buddhism forum

vf = Vipassana forum

Then you can load all three with the following command line in the shortcut target field

"c:\Program Files\Opera75\opera.exe" ntb tbf vf

  powerless 19:20 04 Jun 04


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