Tiny text in Internet Explorer

  Kungfu Monk 21:07 17 Feb 05

This is weird. For the last couple of days, Internet Explorer (6.0.2800) has been displaying a lot of websites with miniscule text. It ranges from very small to unreadable.

PC Advisor is OK, but Google is small and very condensed and Windows Update is so tiny, I cannot read it all. Buttons, bars, logos, banners, etc. are all normal.

I sometimes use Firefox, which displays OK, but I prefer IE and some sites that I have to use every day only function with IE.

I have tried uninstalling IE from the Add/Remove Windows Components function, then rebooting and re-installing, but that hasn't removed the root cause.

  Jackcoms 21:10 17 Feb 05

In IE go to View; Text Size and set it how you want it.

  Kungfu Monk 21:14 17 Feb 05

First thing I looked for, Jackcoms. No joy.

  THE TERMINATOR 21:35 17 Feb 05

The changes wont take place till you close IE and re-open it, is there still no change?

  Kungfu Monk 21:35 17 Feb 05

No change, even after I log off.

  THE TERMINATOR 21:49 17 Feb 05

click here Do any of these help....TT

  grey george 21:50 17 Feb 05

If you have a wheel mouse, hold down ctrl and scroll the wheel. Does the text change size?

  Kungfu Monk 21:55 17 Feb 05

Nope. That doesn't make any difference.

  Carpigiani 21:56 17 Feb 05

If you have a scroll mouse open a web page hold control & scroll to increase text size.

  Carpigiani 21:56 17 Feb 05

Too late as usual

  Kungfu Monk 21:58 17 Feb 05

None of the possible causes in your link apply in this case. Thanks anyway.

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