Tiny screwdriver

  tavarek 20:18 27 Feb 06

I'm replacing the backlight in my Toshiba Portege and can't find a screwdriver small enough. I bought a set described as 'watchmakers' containing Phillips 000, but it aint small enough. What size crosshead screwdriver should I ask for ..... basically if you can see it, it aint small enough.

  Ray5776 21:47 27 Feb 06

try a sharp pointed thin bladed knife, take care of course

  woodchip 21:57 27 Feb 06

It will come in as a security screw. You need a set of these type of driver bits

  Totally-braindead 22:01 27 Feb 06

I'm wondering if woodchip has the right idea. A lot of laptops and mobile phones use these tiny little screws sometimes oddly shaped such as star drivers and it may be one of these you need. I suggest you have a really close look at it as it may not be a smaller philips you actually need. I wouldn't try the knife idea as I think theres too good a chance of damaging the screw head.

  hzhzhz 22:05 27 Feb 06

Could you use a 0.6mm flathead or is that miles too big.

  pharte 22:28 27 Feb 06

look on screwfix direct.......I've got a couple of sets some security ones and very small torx and star drivers.

  Ray5776 22:45 27 Feb 06

Just how small is this screw ie diameter of head

  rupie 22:48 27 Feb 06

if the screw head is has 6 points then it is a tex head. you can buy these at lots of places,even car boots. they exsist because they are designed for accuracy in control, touque and control, by machines. They are used in many applications from car building to PCB's.

  Ray5776 23:02 27 Feb 06

I have removed many tiny screws using a knife, the "take care" meant not only dont stab yourself but also dont graunch up the screw head.
It may be worth using a manifying glass to at least ascertain the kind of driver required, there are so many variations.

  phono 23:22 27 Feb 06

Is it a Torx head screw by any chance?

  rupie 23:36 27 Feb 06

I have tosh and maxor units and they use the torx system.It is not a complicated system but just different and more precise

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