tiny computers

  meater 15:12 27 Jan 05

Can anybody tell me about tiny computers? Are they reliable? Has there been any problems with the firm such as, if the PC goes wrong.
I am very interested in the tiny computer called: "Monster" at £669.
I would be grateful if anybody could let me know reports they have heard about them.

Your faitfully


  rawprawn 15:14 27 Jan 05

You may be better posting this in Consumer Watch Forum, But Tiny are not for me.

  Chezdez 15:17 27 Jan 05

better in consumer watch, but seen as its here, i'll reply

don't do it!!!! if you want a pre-built machine, i would suggest Dell

  Noelg23 15:19 27 Jan 05

well to be honest and this is coming from someone who builds PCs...I wouldnt go for Tiny, they are not as good as they perceive. I know this as I have people who have used Tiny machines and lets just say they dont wana hear about them again...others may have different experiences but this is my view about them...

  Rawfish 15:21 27 Jan 05

They have a habit of going into receivership, leaving people like you with no cash and no PC

  rawprawn 15:45 27 Jan 05

I agree with Chezdez and would recommend Dell as a good workhorse.

  Noelg23 15:48 27 Jan 05

or you could get one custom built...email me and I will give more info...

  meater 11:23 28 Jan 05

Thanks for your help regarding tiny computers, I have just seen a survey done by PC Advisor magazine and most of the people who have had tiny computers would never go back to tiny computers.

Yours truly


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