Tiny computer

  jz 20:13 04 Sep 03

Someone I know has a Tiny computer (approx 1 1/2 years old, Athalon processor) that has stopped working. She took it to a repair shop, and they said that the power supply had failed and that Tiny power supplies are non-standard, so they advised her to buy a new PC base unit instead. She has, and said that I could have the faulty PC for free to repair and keep if I wanted it.

Is it true that I cannot use a standard power supply? Are there any work-arounds?

  mistagf 20:32 04 Sep 03

A friend had the same problem.

His Tiny machine is circa February 2002 and power supply went down.

"Non-Standard" as quoted by the repairer probably means that it is an AT case not ATX.

The PSU fitted to my friend's PC was a 150w AT and it took a little bit of metalworking and fiddling to fit a 300w ATX , but it went in and PC is fine.

I got the PSU from savastore.co.uk for £15.20 incl delivery.

  jz 20:38 04 Sep 03

Thanks mistagf,

I thought that the AT power supply was replaced about 6 or so years ago by the ATX power supply. Doesn't the AT supply have fewer voltage rails, and you can't switch your PC to standby with it with Start > Turn off computer?

  interzone55 20:50 04 Sep 03

Tiny PCs use a smaller 145w psu, it's still ATX, but slightly smaller than most other PSUs.

The manufacturer (InWin) no longer makes this model so not even Time (who now service Tiny PCs) can get hold of them.

I have found that if you get the smallest available PSU you can just about squeeze it in, but only if the optical drives are the smaller MSI or Panasonic models. If you try this have some platers handy, I usually manage to knock a chunk of knuckle off.

hope this helps


  mistagf 20:56 04 Sep 03

Hi jz -

No! I can guarantee that the PSU I took out of that Tiny system was AT.

In fact I fitted a 150w PSU from a Socket7 P100 machine I have about the place to prove the system and if I wasn't the wiser would have said that the Tiny case was AT - the psu fitted perfectly.

I don't know what to say about it really other than the 300w ATX PSU is in and the system is up and running!

  interzone55 21:14 04 Sep 03

I really don't think that any Tiny PC made in the last 5 or 6 years had an AT PSU, as the power plug to the motherboard was totally different on an AT PSU (it was a 2 piece job that was increadibly easy to plug in the wrong way round), the AT PSUs also had a monitor pass through, these aren't fitted anymore as the PSUs aren't powerful enough to drive a P4, GeForce FX AND a monitor.

No Tiny power supplies were just none standard because they were, err... tiny.


  jz 22:41 04 Sep 03

Thanks everyone for your help...

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