Timewise Desktop settings or more info

  bumpkin 18:26 24 Nov 12

Hello, I am trying to make a Desktop background display change according to the time of day. I have posted this before and was given a link to "Timewise Desktop" which I thought was the ideal solution at the time but I can`t get it to work, no instructions that I can find so have to guess what to do. Whatever I try I always ends up with the message "Unexpected error in procedure:cmdCompile_Chick Error #Path/file access error.

  Graphicool1 19:10 24 Nov 12
  rdave13 19:25 24 Nov 12

Not sure if compatible with 7 if that's your OS. Have you tried running as Admin?

  bumpkin 19:54 24 Nov 12

Grapf, link is good, exactly the sort of thing I want but how do I do this in Windows. rdave13 not sure what you mean "have you tried running as Admin" OS is XP

  Graphicool1 19:55 24 Nov 12

Forget my other post.

From what I've seen it says...

OS Support: Me, Windows, Windows XP

If rdaves suggestion doesn't work try changing the compatibility to 'WinXP'.

It looks fairly basic, you have to put in 10 pictures of the same scene, taken at different times of the day and add the time of each change.

  rdave13 20:01 24 Nov 12

bumpkin, running as administrator only for Vista upwards really. Could be a bad download. Have you tried uninstalling, running Ccleaner's registry cleaner and downloading the latest,seems 2007 version is the latest.

  bumpkin 21:19 24 Nov 12

Thanks for all your suggestions, cant try them at this moment for other reasons but will do and post back/

  bumpkin 16:56 25 Nov 12

Hi again, I have been trying your suggestions. Re-installed "Timewise Desktop" from rdaves link but still get the same error messages, does not look that good anyway so I have given up on that avenue. Trying dr yess link it asks for "Validation", I have no problem with that but when I download the validation tool it just wont run, says in "Downloads" that it is starting but it does not even if left for an hour. Last chance saloon was Graphical`s link but this does say it is for Linux or Umbuto, willing to try it in winXP if anyone can explain what these instructions mean. "copy the file to a directory where it wont bother you" "extract the files" "inside a terminal, cd into the folder that was created with the new files" "run sh ./install" Thanks for your imput.


  bumpkin 17:06 25 Nov 12

What happened to the font? That is not what I typed in.

  bumpkin 17:08 25 Nov 12

Third line should read "asks for verification" dont know where the other gibberish came from.

  bumpkin 17:10 25 Nov 12

Validation I meant, not my day is it.

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