Times does fly---When you have a

  SparkyJack 10 Apr 11

Win XP update it seems.

We are all used to time slowing down- usually attributed to an ailing BIOS battery, and soon remedied.

Earlier to day having done with the machine for a bit I closed to Hibernate. Up came 'Install update and close down'. OK I click and went about other things. I have just a few monents ago come back to the machine only to find the time had ADVANCED 2 hours to 18.59. Check the Zone - British summer time - as it should be ? So I reset it to 17.12 [by my Alarm clock]. Now how come I gained 2 hours in the correct time zone.?

  SparkyJack 14 Apr 11


I have carried out a reboot and on reloading I had gained an hour. Instead of 08.30 the clock read 09.30. Checked Zone correct [GMT] Just above GMT however I noticed - Coordinated Universal Time Is this New? I don't recall seeing it before. So out of curiosity - selected it - Time came back to what it should be Now 08.40

  buteman 14 Apr 11

Have you got it set to (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

  buteman 14 Apr 11

Either that or your CMOS battery needs changing.

  SparkyJack 14 Apr 11

Butman wrote Either that or your CMOS battery needs changing.

Butman read the first post When a CMOS battery is going down - time is lost surely We know that

This is time gained

On an earlier occasion it gained 2 hours, to day it was one hour

And yes correct zone also selected- as already mentioned

  buteman 14 Apr 11

The only other time set I know of is in the BIOS maybe check that out.

  woodchip 14 Apr 11

jack You have changed your log on name I presume, Have you loaded the windows Time update download for windows to keep it in sink as I think you will find this is a Windows Problem, as its only changed after the updates you loaded. Why not Run system Restore to before the problem As windows makes a Restore point. Then re-download. the Updates manual using Windows update in the Startup folder, just load one update at a time till you find the one that's the problem

  lotvic 14 Apr 11

Mine is set for

'Date & Time tab = Current time zone: GMT Daylight Time

Time Zone tab = (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London and I have a tick in 'Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes'

Internet Time tab = Server: time.windows.com


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