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Time to render digital video?

  nora123 08:19 12 Oct 04

I have recently captured an hours worth of mini DV footage on my PC using a firewire card. The size of this file is approximately 13Gb. I had edited the footage using pinnacle studio 8.12 and wanted to create an mpeg file to burn to DVD. The process of creating the mpeg took somewhere in the region of 6 hours? Is this correct? Should it take this long? Just to add to the problem, on the very last clip that was rendered, Studio hung and i lost all the footage. I know video editing requires lots of RAM but 6 hours to render? Any ideas? Note: I have 512mb of ram, 1.4ghz athlon processor and 120gb hard drive.

  961 09:15 12 Oct 04

It is certainly the case that this operation takes a long long long long time.

You may speed it up a little by doubling the ram

In my own case, I generally split the movie into shorter segments, but even then it really is a go away and do something else job, or overnight

  no-name 09:31 12 Oct 04

nora123 like 961 says it does take a long time.

You have more RAM, a bigger processor and a bigger HD than me so I don't think that's your problem.

Again like 961 I render in smaller segments, then I put the video together in Nero.

  MichelleC 09:39 12 Oct 04

Rendering speeds up if all non-vital b/ground progs are off, including av, firewall, system restore etc. It's also faster if rendering to another hd, plus increasing paging file to 2-3 times ram total.

  pj123 10:12 12 Oct 04

I don't use Pinnacle Studio 8 anymore. Not just because of the time but also I found the sound sync is out by about 1-2 seconds. I now use Sonic MyDVD. No sync problems and much less time.

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