time limiting the kids!

  butter fingers 19:47 19 Aug 06

Hi everybody. I would like to cut down the hours that the kids spend on the computer without having to always shout and scream. ie let the computer do it! Does anyone know of software that would monitor their time logged on and hopefully shut down programs, log off or similar so I don't have to say "you've been on for four hours give your eyes a rest"

  Jackcoms 19:52 19 Aug 06
  butter fingers 19:57 19 Aug 06

Thanks Jackcoms, plenty there to have a look at and all shareware which should be cheaper!

  skidzy 19:59 19 Aug 06

Butter Fingers,ive been looking at this one for a while now...Maybe its time to splash out a few quid
click here

  rdave13 20:10 19 Aug 06

Sigh.. threaten your offsprings with NO internet whatsoever if they don't conform! Explain that you have the power to excommunicate them forever from the net if they don't behave. Have one administrator account and delete all others. Show them you mean buisiness and you have had enough! From now on you are the LAW as far as the web is concerned. If they want an account for themselves they must TOW THE LINE!!!

Failing that of course skidzy's idea looks good....

  Al94 20:26 19 Aug 06

I found walking into the room and pulling out the plug was fairly efficient!

  Jackcoms 20:27 19 Aug 06

"I found walking into the room and pulling out the plug was fairly efficient!"

But not the most sensible way to shut down a PC.

  Al94 20:34 19 Aug 06

True - but it shut the kid down!!

  VoG II 20:54 19 Aug 06
  chrisjohn 20:56 19 Aug 06

nice one A|94

  ArrGee 22:42 19 Aug 06

Worth a look at
click here

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