nerawan 21:02 06 Dec 04

Hi. A few months ago I bought a Time pc (with the new Atlhon 64 bit) but the problem is , it gets very, very hot and just with using the internet or WindMediaPlayer. I will have to buy an external mouse because the hard drive is just besides (and under)the mouse pad on the right side. I'd like to hear from other people with the same laptop or similar ones IF THIS IS NORMAL?. Also the CD/DVD slot ,sometimes refuses to eject or recognise a CD.

  TomJerry 22:04 06 Dec 04

Put a powerful processor ( Atlhon 64 bit) in a small case (laptop), the result is predictable.

There was a court case bought by a Swedish man (whoelse?) agaist a laptop maker. He put the laptop on his lap for long time, the certain part of his body (you know where) got burnt. His argument was that the laptop should be safe on lap. He lost his case, but it was a great laugh. This is a really case.

So, do not put laptop on your lap for long time especially Powerful ones.

  TomJerry 22:08 06 Dec 04

to produce cheap laptop, so heat problem is not properly dealt with. many other cheap laptop makers also do the same.

  nerawan 22:22 06 Dec 04

I never put it on my lap. It's my hand that gets too hot so I mention I will have to buy an external mouse.

  TomJerry 22:43 06 Dec 04
  nerawan 10:36 08 Dec 04

Are they really good?. I read don't need power supply. So they need batteries?

  Graham ® 10:58 08 Dec 04

Powered from USB.

Can you hear a fan running in your laptop? Maybe it's not working.

  TonyJover 11:06 08 Dec 04

They're made out of some clever conductive material that just basically acts as a big heat sink. So no, no batteries.

  Dorsai 12:24 08 Dec 04

Is your laptop placed on a non-condusctive sirface, like a table-cloth?

Many laptops use the base of the laptop as the heat sink, so if placed on an insulating surface they cant cool down well.

For a cheaper alternative you could get some stick on rubber feet for it, to lift the base of the laptop off the desk, and allow air to flow under it, cooling it down.

But the laptop coolers link given does look the best bet.

  Graham ® 12:42 08 Dec 04

Some are that sort, these are 'Powered directly from your notebook' = USB powered.

click here

  Graham ® 12:59 08 Dec 04

Here's a mains powered cooler click here

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