Time and Internet Modem

  Ixora 20:33 18 Jan 04

My Daughter has just bought a Time computer for my Grand children to be able to use the internet for their school homework projects. As I understand the modem in Time computers is set to their own specific ISP. If this is the case how would she be able to use an ISP of her own choice instead of Times. Is it possible to just change ISP's by loading the revelant disc or would she (me) have to fit a new modem. If a new modem had to be fitted is this all that would be required or would any settings have to be changed.
Any advice that you can give on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  chalkie 20:35 18 Jan 04

Time should be able to send you a new modem thats not Supanet. Contact them and ask for one.

  chalkie 20:39 18 Jan 04

I should of also added that the Time supanet modem will not let you use other ISP's. This has been a regular problem in the computer press help pages.

  MisterPaul 20:40 18 Jan 04

if you are in a hurry. They are very cheap. Your pc will recognise the new hardware and should install it the next time you switch it on. Then it should be a case of putting in the ISP's cd and following the instructions.


  woodchip 20:43 18 Jan 04

All you do is go to the Add Connection in Dail-Up Networking. or if you get a ISP cd just load the CD and follow the instructions

  woodchip 20:45 18 Jan 04

PS in Mags you will see Tiscaly CD ISP or Why not try a free Monther AOL that's on telly

  Ixora 21:02 18 Jan 04

Chalkie and Mister Paul.

This was the way that I was considering of doing it but was interested to know if anybody has actually changed ISP's on a Time Computer.


This seems the best way. Have you actually done it this way as this seems the best solution.

  woodchip 21:08 18 Jan 04

That's the easy way, But I don't do it that way now I would just make new connection but you need the Number etc to achieve this so it's best to first load from a CD and follow the instruction down and print each page or make a note of all the relevant details for further reference

  Ixora 22:02 18 Jan 04

Thanks for the replies now got several avenues to try. Will tick this thread as resolved.

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