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  March Wind 26 May 11

date time

  March Wind 26 May 11

When I do not use my PC for a week or two. I find the time and date have stopped working. Can you advise please on what I should do about this also why is it happening?

  spuds 26 May 11

What help do you want about "Time Date"?.

  spuds 26 May 11

If you are talking about a desktop, then it might be the button battery that wants changing. A laptop might be the same if the battery is low.

Low batteries might also cause other problems.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 26 May 11

Renew the CMOS battery see here

  March Wind 28 May 11

Yes it is a desk top PC. Time keeps either stopping or goes very slowly. If I have not used the PC for a week or two when I switch on the date and time are not correct. If I need a new battery how and where will I find it. Do you know what type of battery it would be or do they vary?

  Sea Urchin 28 May 11

Fruit Bat/\0/\'s link above shows you how to change the CMOS battery and what type of battery you need

  rdave13 28 May 11

As Fruit Bat /\0/\' link above. Unfortunately you'll need to find out how to open your PC's case. Google for that. Remember to unplug mains power supply before attempting it. Some info on you tube to replace cmos battery and select more than the one linked, cmos

  woodchip 28 May 11

Is this PC a very old PC as the Battery should last at least three or more years. Its unplugging the Plug from Wall socket that runs them down, or turning the switch off

  March Wind 29 May 11

Thank you for your help. The PC is 7 years old. The socket with the upper tab, pic (1). Should I be able to slide the battery out as well as in?

  spuds 29 May 11

The install would be the same as removal, only in reverse order.

The batteries are readily available for about a £1.00 each or possibly a card of four for a £1.00 from some discount outlets. You should find that the battery as a four digit reference number.

On installing make sure that the battery contact tab is secure, before refitting the case. Some people tend to prise the tab up with a screwdriver, then find later that the contact is not as good.


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