Time computer with XP update problems

  allang 11:29 21 Feb 04

Can you clever boys and giggles out there help me with the following.I have a TIME laptop running XP home.When I try to install critical updates my computer crashes and I get 100's of cross-linked files which means I have to reload OS and everything else I have backed up.

After re-loading,I've installed SP1 from the Microsoft cd with no problems.If I run "sfc/scannow" all is ok and the machine is stable.However,when I install other updates, saved on disc,and one at a time,although the installation goes ok if I run SFC again my computer crashes and I'm back to square one.

I'm installing on a clean machine.No virus checker or anything else.I'm running SFC due to a previous disaster.So :

1.Is my problem due to the way Time partition their XP software.

2.Does anyone else have a similar problem,either with time or any other make.

3.I assume running SFC should be successful after updates installed or do I need the reload cd in, or would that simply reload factory settings. I don't have XP discs,just reload cd's.

4.Do the updates have to be in a certain order.

Please can anyone shed any light on this problem?

Many thanx.

  allang 12:00 21 Feb 04


  allang 12:01 21 Feb 04


  ensonricky 13:49 21 Feb 04

Your disk may be corrupted install updates from the internet

  allang 17:09 21 Feb 04


  powerless 17:15 21 Feb 04

Cross linked files?

Run CheckDisk.

  powerless 17:19 21 Feb 04

1. Doubt it.

2. No I went Evesham.

3. No need to run SFC after any update.

4. Any order, although some updates have to be installed exclusively to others. IE 6 SP1, DX...

=Reload omce more, install updates, but do not run SFC.

  allang 13:42 22 Feb 04


  powerless 14:29 22 Feb 04


  allang 14:41 22 Feb 04

Doesn't matter which order I install updates, eventually computer crashes and I end up with 100's of cross-linked files as disc check tries to sort out filing system.

  powerless 14:42 22 Feb 04

Can you pinpoint the update that causes this problem?

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