time clock

  JACC 19:16 12 Oct 04

My clock only seems to work when the pc is running . It loses time when it is off , i reset it and when i reboot the pc the clock is at the time i set it to even tho the pc has been running for some hours in between .looking at the clock when i go to reset it , it is running .I've just set it for 19:14 . I'm using WXPpro , just looked at the clock in the taskbar and it is changing at the right time , what can be wrong .

  VoG II 19:18 12 Oct 04

Sounds like the motherboard battery needs changing click here

  kakasnarta 19:19 12 Oct 04

IF your system is a few years old it could that the cmos battery needs replacing...this tends to make your clock and date go wonky.

  Dorsai 19:25 12 Oct 04

If they are cr2032's, as are mine, Very cheap and easy to find. Any car shop, as they fit many car alarm remote controlls. Pay no more than £1.80 each.

But if not, post what they are/it is.

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