Time Check

  johnincrete 07:57 04 Jun 09

Just curious!
When I do a time check on the internet, it always is the same as the time displayed by my computer.
How does my UK bought computer always have the right time when my UK-bought digital clocks all gain.

  mooly 08:12 04 Jun 09

Er... Not quite sure I understand.
Your PC checks the time from a "web site" usually once a week. Click the time in the system tray and have a look at the settings. In between these checks it runs from a small battery backup and is accurate to a few seconds a week.
Digital clocks ! just keep time from a quartz oscillator, some are more accurate than others but still within a few seconds a week.
Another type of clock has a built in radio receiver that checks (once an hour usually) for the exact time from a radio station that broadcasts data from an atomic clock... not a normal radio station. Again it has the quartz reference so in between checks runs as a normal clock.

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