chasbea28 19:03 18 Jun 04

Everytime I start my comp. the time at bottem right has changed.
Any solutions out there.

  pj123 19:15 18 Jun 04

What do mean "it has changed". Does it show the right time? I must admit that I have never, ever had to replace a mobo battery in any computer that I have had ( and I have still got a 486 DX40 running win 95 and the time is right) it could be you need a new battery.

  Shas 23:12 18 Jun 04

The clock on my computer at work (5 years old) kept jumping back a complete hour, (at any time of day, no apparent pattern.) Following advice on here I changed the battery, which sorted it for a while, then it started happening again so I changed the time in the bios, but it still did it occasionally. Last advice was to check the battery voltage and do a bios update, which is way above me, so it's staying as it is until I get around to bribing the computer techie next door with a bottle of red to sort it for me!

  bretsky 00:39 19 Jun 04

Don't know if you have done this already, Double click the clock and click the internet time tab and then check the " automatically synchronize with an internet time server" then update now>click apply, ok

bretsky ;0)

  chasbea28 08:51 19 Jun 04

Thank you all for your help.
Correct time now, will se if it continues.

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