ingadora 23:17 02 Oct 05

i am trying to play tiger woods 2005 with my son .
but we are having difficulty trying to connect together. i have entered the ip address and pressed the host button but we cant connect. would be grateful for any help on which way to do it correctly. ingadora

  phono 00:24 03 Oct 05

Do you have a software or hardware firewall installed?

Can you connect your computers across the network otherwise?

  ingadora 14:12 03 Oct 05

i turned the firewall off but it still wont connect. as regards wether i can connect otherwise i dont really know. as i am not sure how to do it. i am a novice at this sort of thing.

  Yoda Knight 14:14 03 Oct 05

Are you playing over a local network or over the internet ?

  ingadora 14:44 03 Oct 05

im trying to connect over the lan

  TTP 16:49 03 Oct 05

Then run (or re-run)the network setup wizard from start/all-progs / accessories / communications .Do main pc first then client (sons).Have you tried pinging the client ? On client go start/run/type cmd/press enter type 'IPCONFIG' then on main pc go start/run/type cmd/press enter then type'ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' where the xx's are the set of 4 numbers typically 192.168.0.xx diplayed as IP ADDRESS on client pc

  TTP 17:41 03 Oct 05

Then run or (re-run) the network setup wizard from start/all programs/accessories/communications. Do the main pc first then client (son's) pc. If no joy then,on the client pc try start/run/type cmd/press enter.In this black and white window type IPCONFIG and note down the 4 branched number (typically 192.168.0.xx). Go to main pc, go start/run/type cmd/press enter type ping space the 4 branch number (ie ping you should get 4 responses. OH i presume you have the correct network cables and checked teyre in the correct sockets.T

  TTP 17:43 03 Oct 05

Ignore my first post - I got disconnected but the post still went up

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