Thunderstorms and My Computer

  bethie 19:27 29 Mar 07

When I first got my computer, I got the heavy duty surge cord for it. When we had a violent thunderstorm (which is the norm for here) my computer would turn itself on. I thought the cord was faulty so I returned it for another. Same thing. I am on a rural dialup connection. The cord has an on/off switch. Should I turn this off when I am done or unplug even? Several people have told me Never to unplug and some have said they Always unplug their expensive electronics for storms. What do you all say? Thank you, bethie

  VCR97 19:31 29 Mar 07

Always unplug from the mains, and always unplug the modem from its wall socket.

  Belatucadrus 19:52 29 Mar 07

Surge protectors are designed to protect from surges and spikes in voltage supply, not from the monumental spikes produced by lightning.


  skidzy 20:08 29 Mar 07

I totally agree...UNPLUG

I lost a system last year due to heavy storms and lightning.

psu blew,motherboard blew.Ive since rebuilt this system but did learn my lesson and the warnings that are aplenty here at PCA.

  bethie 20:34 29 Mar 07

Thanks so much for the quick response. I will unplug now with no guilt. Thank you.

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