NotsoNewuser 21:04 20 Dec 05

How does one highlight web and e-mail addresses for "click through purposes" in Thunderbird? Anyone advise me please. Thanks

  Belatucadrus 01:32 21 Dec 05

Two ways :-
First just put the url in the message body, it does the highlighting when you send the message.
Second use Insert / Link this opens a new window called 'Link properties' that will allow you to enter text and whatever URL you want to allocate.

  octal 08:31 21 Dec 05

As Belatucadrus says, if you check in the sent box you'll notice any email you've sent with a link has turned into a highlighted link which is what the recipient will receive.

  interzone55 08:44 21 Dec 05

That's providing you have thunderbird set to send messages in html format, all mine go out as plain text, so links don't show.

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