Thumbnails for all video files are GONE and replaced by players' icons...Any ideas?

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 22 Jun 13

Hi, I have no idea what might have caused it but all the thumbnails for all my video files are now replaced with the players' icons. My PC is Windows 8 Pro x64 by the way and I have tried the following already:

Clearing & rebuilding icons' cache with windows disk cleanup tool and CCleaner; Updating & reinstalling players; Double-checking Windows performance/visual setting 5 times; Installing different codec packs that gave me random, irrelevant, unfamiliar, non-comprehensive thumbnails that failed to show up in folders view (thus it did not fix anything to the way things used to be); Checking the folder options back-and-forth; Merging a pre-written .reg code file to set the thumbnails to show; Scanning for viruses/spyware/registry errors, etc; ...that's probably all I can list from the top of my head right now but please - I'd like to hear your ideas or suggestions to can get to the bottom of this unfortunate and indeed mysterious case - you have my ears, folks. Thank you all in advance...

  lotvic 22 Jun 13

"thumbnails for all my video files are now replaced with the players' icons"

Presume this is in Windows Explorer | View | Thumbnails

Which Players?

What are the file .extensions? (avi, wmv, flv etc)

As you mention multiple players, which player is set as the Default for which particular file extensions?

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 22 Jun 13

Hi lotvic, thanks for your reply. While I've been trying to resolve this issue, I set each and every video file type to open with Windows Media Player (AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, MPG to be short) and after I did not succeed, I repeated all the tests, checks and procedures having all them file types set to VLC and it was no different... It seems to me that it's something beyond the players' configurations and causes, that it's somewhat in the explorer...I'm clueless...

  lotvic 22 Jun 13

Did you try the solution on (MrVeliborB 13th Mar 2013) and install the 64bit k-lite codec pack?

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 22 Jun 13

I did but the codec packs' thumbs are completely different (random, irrelevant, unfamiliar, non-comprehensive) and they don't show when looking at a folder with vids which is not what I used to have. You see, I never had a codec pack of any sort installed on my system (I was happy with the built-in VLC codecs) and the thumbnails for both VLC and WMP were able to generate, display and also show on folders...

  lotvic 22 Jun 13

Well as you seem to have already tried suggestions and lots more, I guess you are going to have to slog your way through each 'solution' until you hit upon one that works for your setup.

Have you tried a System Restore back to a date when it was okay?

  Takeshi-Fujimoto 22 Jun 13

Unfortunately, System Restore was disabled on my hard drive ((( I'll be looking into the registry furthermore, maybe I can spot something))


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