Jak_1 12:23 30 Sep 08

A friend is passing on his old (not so old) pc to another friend, and has asked me to clear the hdd for him leaving just the os (Vista) and certain programs. This I have done, however, he had folders of family pics that he has put on his new pc. Question is, I have cleared the folders but know that windows creates thumbnails of files. Are these held on the hdd in another folder or are they only held in memory at the time the folder is opened and cleared when opening another folder. The reason being If they are held on the hdd where can I find it to delete the thumbnails.

  Diemmess 15:45 30 Sep 08

As I understand, the folders contain the individual files in whatever format was used when saved (jpg, bmp, tiff etc.)

Your computer will give you the sort of listing you want. Thumbnails are just a way of interpreting the same file, but using this takes longer and more screen space to display a lot at once.

When using My Computer the operater can choose (in View), how to see the filed pictures.
Look at "View" and choose from "Thumbnails" to "Details" as well as four others.

  Jak_1 16:08 30 Sep 08

Thanks for replying, saves me a lot of time and frustration looking for something that's not there anymore.
I used BCWipe with a 7 pass wipe to delete his family pics, so he can rest easy that his pics will not be recovered. He did not want his kids faces to end up on facebook or something like that. The friend he gave the pc to, though a nice person, would do something like that for a giggle without realising it could cause problems.

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