Thuis forum is Squat

  Tycho 23:02 22 Feb 05

Dear all

Would it be a good idea to adopt the policy of not replying in any way to infantile posts like his?

We have had a few rather vitriolic exchanges just recently and it might be a good idea not to respond in the hope that whoever is posting will not have the pleasure of seeing us angry.


  stalion 23:04 22 Feb 05

absolutely right and agree.But we are not angry just bemused

  VoG II 23:06 22 Feb 05

Doh. done it again.

  end 23:09 22 Feb 05

am not angry; just wondering what the poster is all about;perhaps they need help with posting a problem correctly:)

asssuming that a problem exists

  SANTOS7 23:11 22 Feb 05

ANGRY, AAANNNGGGRRRYYY!!!!! WE aught to find out where he/her/it lives and linch him/her/it, or not??

  Salinger 23:11 22 Feb 05

Yes indeed, they need help. The NHS is (still) free.

  Tycho 23:13 22 Feb 05

Good night all :-)


  Dennis1 11:23 23 Feb 05

I agree with "Tycho" should be totally ignored, because we can't do what "santos7" suggests. We don't know where he lives.but the "FE" might be able to tell us. LoL

  ventanas 11:37 23 Feb 05

I must have missed this, please can someone provide a link.

  sidecar sid 11:47 23 Feb 05

It's not there anymore.

Looks like the hand tooled silver deleting mouse has seen some action.

  Chezdez 11:52 23 Feb 05


that seems pretty harsh on a 12 year old kid.....

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