The threes are now intrusive......

  Legolas 17:38 28 Mar 03

I hate to keep on about this and at the risk of being slated, the threes are now becoming more than a nuisance they are now becoming intrusive. When I go to the PCA Log-on page, which is incidentally my homepage, an advert related to the threes advert covers the log in buttons and on more than one occasion today I have clicked on it instead of the log in button, to get access to the log in button I have to do a refresh, this is web advertising at its most intrusive and I am a bit surprised at PCA allowing this rather dubious method of geeting users to click on an advert, and before anyone mentions it I have popup stopper pro running and I do not want to use Opera. :-):-(

  A15 17:46 28 Mar 03

I use Spywareblaster & have never seen any of these "three's" that I have heard so much about!

  €dstow 17:50 28 Mar 03

The cardinal rule of advertising is: "Don't alienate your potential customer." This is precisely what the three things are doing to a lot of people.

As well as being intrusive, they look like the efforts of some very over zealous art student in his (or her) first week on a graphics course. Zero out of ten for effort, I think.

I wonder if the people whose product this campaign is supposed to promote have actually been subject to the irritation of the ghastly threes?

I did have to open IE to see them though. I am not the least put off by using Opera.

I still don't know what product the threes are trying to sell - another prime indicator of failure. An advertisement must be immediately associated with the product it is trying to sell - this one doesn't.


  Megatyte 17:57 28 Mar 03

I've never seen them. No supression programs running. Maybe it's an ad for BBC3.


  Legolas 17:59 28 Mar 03

I am not sure either as I just close the site that opens when I click on them by mistake but I think it has something to do with third generation mobile phones hence the 333333,s

  Ellie3009 18:01 28 Mar 03

Everyone goes on about these threes, and I have only seen them about twice, and I don't have a popup killer running!
Am I jut lucky?

  Ellie3009 18:02 28 Mar 03

P.S> I think they are selling 3G mobile phone services, there are TV ads on at the moment, something to do with watching football on your mobile!

  €dstow 18:08 28 Mar 03

You see, no-one so far is sure what they are trying to sell - not a sucessful campaign!;-))


  « Ravin » 18:17 28 Mar 03

well so far they weren't too bad in one corner kind. but now they are right in the middle exactly covering the log in area :@ .. very intrusive indeed

  leo49 18:18 28 Mar 03

Come on €d - I know you've been at the wine and cream puffs but anyone who's been within sniffing distance of a TV within the last month can't fail to have seen the blanket coverage 3G phone ads. :o)

  Megatyte 18:20 28 Mar 03

.... not a sucessful campaign

No? Everyone here's talking about it ;o)


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