Three Dongle drivers

  Darryl261 11:15 AM 02 Jul 11

I've done a stupid thing and deleted the drivers Off my Dongle from Three after my malware program flagged them. It was only after I realised.

My Three Dongle is now effectively just a storage dongle with a green light.

Having contacted Three I was informed I would have to pay for a new one. I know it's my fault but is their another way around this? Is there a download link so I can put them back on without having to pay out again? I'm using XP on a laptop. Thanks.

  sunnystaines 12:21 PM 02 Jul 11

delete the 3 software and the zte modem in ccleaner or revo. reboot then plug the dongle back in it should reinstall the software and driver.

back up first

  Darryl261 17:42 PM 02 Jul 11

Thanks. It didn't quite work out that way but you got me wondering if there was a driver somewhere else. Having checked all my CD's and rebooting, my dongle was still showing nothing in it........however in 'my computer' it now showed an extra drive 'H' with files in so having clicked on it I was able to reinstall my files and wallah! My dongle now works. Many thanks for your advice. That was a great response.



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