Three cheers for F.E.

  Quiller. 23:00 07 Jan 03
  Quiller. 23:00 07 Jan 03

Hip Hip what took so long.

Alright you have a life and can not be expected to be monitoring 24\7.

Why not give a couple of the respected members the power to pull a thread. They could be answerable to you and be on a trail basis. The number of hits was disgracefully, I do not know how many were posted by the perpetrator as I refused to read it. The heading was enough.

People like GANDALF |:-)>, his humbug exterior don't fool me, DieSse, Andÿ and others are held in the utmost respect.

Perhaps one or more of these are prepared to take this task on.

We are not talking about cutting out any thing ad hock but being responsible as they usually are.

End of sermon. lol

  Forum Editor 23:06 07 Jan 03

but there's a reason why threads aren't always pulled immediately. For obvious reasons I'm not going into details, but please accept that there is a method in our (apparent) madness.

I think we're OK as far as moderators go, but many thanks for the suggestion.

  Djohn 23:44 07 Jan 03

bsod, yep FE.needs the support of all the forum members at times like this, but as he says "He needs time" :o)

  User-312386 00:18 08 Jan 03

the obvious reason is that the FE needs firstly to confirm the persons IP address click here

next he needs to determine the server and provider in order that he may make a complaint to the ISP


  Djohn 00:21 08 Jan 03

madboy33™, nice one! :o)

  tulix 00:23 08 Jan 03

dont they have ip blockers or such like to mask ip addresses?

  User-312386 00:25 08 Jan 03

only if you go through a different server, however, to log on to pcadvisor firstly you have to give your e-mail address and a case sensitive password

secondly i could not see that a person like that was inteligent enough to have a subnet mask


  tulix 00:26 08 Jan 03

dont they have ip blockers and such like to download?

  tulix 00:26 08 Jan 03

double take sorry

  northamuk 00:27 08 Jan 03

That's why it can take longer, you can't conceal your IP number completely.

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