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  Forum Editor 23:15 18 Jan 03
  Forum Editor 23:15 18 Jan 03

As many forum members know, we have a restricted search facility at the moment. We hope that we'll be able to improve things in the future, but for the time being it would help everyone enormously if you could be particluarly careful when choosing a title for your thread.

If you have a problem downloading mail it might be an idea to title the thread "Email not downloading in Outlook Express" or "Outlook Express download problem" either of which will help when searching later. A proper thread title will attract forum members who think they can help, whereas a thread titled "WILL SOMEONE PLEEEEASE HELP ME!!!!!" is going to frustrate and annoy both helpers and searchers alike.

  Mad Boy 23:33 18 Jan 03

Ok thanks for that, i always thread my titles correctly (check if you like)

Have a good day,


  Forum Editor 23:56 18 Jan 03

Mad Boy. I'll not bother to check your titles - I'm sure they're fine.

  Mad Boy 17:39 19 Jan 03

ok thanks, seeya

  spikeychris 18:29 19 Jan 03

"Urgent help needed", "what have I done" the list is endless....

It must make sense to make SURE that the problem is in the TITLE.

I saw a post the other day from someone called "flecc" it said "HELP ME", I opened it up and he was asking how to send an attachment with an email....


  leo49 19:26 19 Jan 03 the problem was beyond your ken,then.... :o)


  spikeychris 19:32 19 Jan 03

Don't know anybody called Ken, apart from Barbies other half..

  JimmyG 19:45 19 Jan 03

I would guess that most people who use this site are not technical whizz kids.

I would guess that most people who use this site are not honours graduates in boolean maths, English grammar, higher maths or The Chaos Theory.

I would suggest that PCA hauls this site into the 21st century and delivers what its customers want. IE an easily accessible, accurate search facility which would make all our lives a little bit simpler and the site even more popular (good for magazine sales). Obtaining customer satisfaction is about giving them what they want and what you promise, not castigating them for deviating from some in house rules you have devised for your easy life.

Rant over. Happy New Year.


  misery 20:09 19 Jan 03

guilty. Apologies.

  Wak 20:15 19 Jan 03

It doesn't need a Technical Whizzkid to type "Printer Problem" instead of "Help Me" thus saving all the other people who really can help from having to read each and every posting with a meaningless title just to find out whether they can help or not.

Some people thrive on Printer problems, others like assisting with Software so I fully agree with the FE that a meaningful title can make a world of difference, even to the amount of assistance the Poster will receive.

It's commonsense and nothing to do with the capabilities of the search engine.

And a Happy New Year to you, too.

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