A thought on re_installing windows.

  bumpkin 13:56 31 May 14

I am put off the idea of a clean instal of W7 by the fact I will have to download and re-instal all the programs that I want. Some of them were free for 24hrs posted here by helpful members and no longer available.

I was wondering for the future if the following would work although I doubt it.

When downloading a program save the file to a DVD before opening or installing it. Could it then be installed from the DVD after after a clean instal of the OS. If this is possible it would make things a lot easier as they could all be put on one disk and then installed as and when required.

Any opinions on the feasibility of this or am I way off track.

  rdave13 14:00 31 May 14

The free for 24 hr programs won't install as they have to be confirmed by the site's server. The others you can 'save' the download and then burn to CD/DVD for installing later on.

  john bunyan 14:02 31 May 14

The idea of a clean reinstall daunts me, having done it. It took many hours to update. I believe the best way is to avoid the need by firstly scanning for viruses and malware, de fragging, then making an image or clone to one or more other drives on a relatively frequent basis - say monthly at worst. When downloading I select save rather than run, so the downloads are kept that way.

  rdave13 14:07 31 May 14

I agree with john bunyan , an image every so often, especially after updates.

  bumpkin 14:44 31 May 14

Thanks for the feedback, I have found in the past that a clean instal is the only way to speed things up with any significance. From what rdave says I would lose the free offer ones but the others could be kept on DVD. So if i were to copy "program files" onto a DVD would I be able to access and instal them from there.

  rdave13 15:00 31 May 14

You would need to save the program files including the installer file, usually all in a zip file, on to your desktop, then burn on a DVD or copy to an external drive. Then unpack the file and install the program when needed.

  rdave13 15:03 31 May 14

You can't just copy the program folders from your drive, you'd need to download and 'save' the software's zip file for installing at a later date.

  bumpkin 16:41 31 May 14

rdave, thanks for the info. As I understand it I could download something like Avast, copy it to a usb stick and then instal it later.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 31 May 14

Yes I do that will all the programs I download

the install files are kept on an external drive and only deleted if the program is updated and a new install file downloaded.

However I prefer the older versions of some program such as ACDsee, newer versions sometimes get over bloated with feature I would never use.

  rdave13 17:14 31 May 14

Yes, though some programs, such as the new Ashampoo Burning Studios don't allow it but give you a downloader link to install, that you can save. My D drive download folder is awash with them.

  bumpkin 17:58 31 May 14

Thanks to all for the info, I shall mark as closed.

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