Thought monitor problem was resolved, but alas no.

  TommyRed 00:08 23 May 03

I posted a problem with my monitor earlier in the week, the colour red disappears and then as if by magic reappears. Fiddling with the lead from my monitor to my tower seemed to have resolved it, but now it's just as bad. I think the problem is inside the monitor because if you give it a slap (just think of Jeffrey Archer (sp)) it either comes back on or thinks about it. If something is loose giving it a backhander isn't going to do it any good, probably make it worse. As I'm going to open up the monitor tomorrow to take a peek, can anyone give me any advice on what to look for.

  Djohn 00:22 23 May 03

It can be very dangerous to poke about inside your monitor, please leave it to a professional. J.

  billyliv 00:27 23 May 03

Hi, Go to a Computer Auction, (Not trade fair). You can pick up Good monitors for £10. Cheers, Bill.

  -pops- 05:50 23 May 03

As an aside - I remember in the days of valve televisions (the ones that got so hot you could cook your dinner on while watching) that one of the most common TV engineer's tools was a rubber headed mallet. Used discreetly on the case, this would cure loads of faults due to dry joints (faulty soldering) and he could charge an appropriate extortionate fee for the "cure".


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