For those looking for a TFT

  woodchip 18:45 30 Apr 04
  woodchip 19:56 30 Apr 04



  Taw® 20:15 30 Apr 04

certainly woth a bump wood

  GaT7 20:41 30 Apr 04

Thanks woodchip. The 17" AOC (2nd link) is at a great price but still too much for me. May be in 1-2 years when things go right down.

  jonnytub 20:48 30 Apr 04

tfts are set to rise in price i read somewhere, anyone back me up

  woodchip 20:52 30 Apr 04

I have CRT monitors, as I have the room to put them

  GaT7 20:53 30 Apr 04

If that's true it's going to be a longer wait than I thought : (

  SEASHANTY 20:53 30 Apr 04

EU price rise hasn't yet been agreed... and I think its only those TFT's which have a DVI connection.

  jonnytub 20:56 30 Apr 04

me to, and the quality of the screen is better in my humble opinion than tfts

  woodchip 21:03 30 Apr 04

Anybody into graphics would use a CRT

  Djohn 21:37 30 Apr 04

I have the AOC 17" TFT and it's superb quality for the money. FE has the same one but 19".

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