those application forms that want your phone number

  SparkyJack 28 Sep 12

Wont let you join unless you give it

The latest for me is the B&Q clubs invitation to join It demanded my mobile number I dont have a mobile so no number to give attempting to proceed was stopped , so I coconcocted one That number is possibly someones some where,who potentially are now going to get flooded with B&Q spam.

  lotvic 28 Sep 12

If it's not optional I usually fill that part in with zeros, mostly that's accepted. If not I invent one.

For those that really do not have a mobile number I guess they have to concoct one as well. What fun :)

  BT 28 Sep 12

Not only mobile numbers, landline numbers as well.

Like you I usually invent one and as it has to have 01 at the beginning the temptation is the row of numbers along the top of the keyboard. And no, most forms won't accept what Google Chrome autofill insists as my number beginning with +44 no matter how many times I tell it that it should be 01,

I give in to the same temptation BT does. I feel sorry for the real owner of 01234 567890...


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