Thompsons Speed touch 585 - How to set up

  ethelbert 13:18 PM 19 Oct 10

Hi there,
Our ISP went down - and we were disconnected whilst away. When we were reconnected again, our 2nd computer's connection [mine is the admin] is so slow we cannot even use Goggle!!

Our router was one we bought new as it was supposed to be better/safer than the one offered to use freely by our ISP.

Can anyone suggest how we reconnect 2nd computer again please? Have searched in web but haven't yet discovered answer. Thompsons who talked us through the original connection do not now seem to have a website contact.

Many thanks for any help.

  mgmcc 20:23 PM 19 Oct 10

I'd be inclined to perform a "hard reset" of the router back to the factory default settings and then set it up again from scratch.

There shouldn't be any reason why one computer is particularly slow. In a Local Area Network, all computers have an equal status, there is no "admin" computer as such.

  ethelbert 22:05 PM 19 Oct 10

Ok I can see how to reset to factory settings, but not sure how to set it up again.

Thanks for the help.

  mgmcc 07:43 AM 20 Oct 10

There may have been a CD provided with the router, which will run a "setup wizard" to guide you through the configuration.

  ethelbert 08:38 AM 20 Oct 10

Many thanks, we have CD so will have a go.

  jrb1946 12:49 PM 09 Dec 10

I have recently found two manuals. do a search for speedtouch manual or for speedtouch st585 and they should be there in the first four pages you get. There is a site in NZ a kind of forum, and there is click here
One of the manuals is huge (120 pages) the other is a quick to use guide for how to set it up. Being as it's December now maybe you got there aleady


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